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Our Carlsberg Lounge is a perfect place to watch sports. On normal evenings there are 4 televisions that show sports constantly. The screens are located so you can see at least one screen no matter where you are sitting. For events such as Champions League, projectors will be added not only in the Carlsberg Lounge but in the entire house.

It is an opportunity to eat food in the restaurant when you watch sports. Busy evenings can make us fully booked. Therefore, to be sure of a table with a view to a screen, order a table.

A reservation must also be made if it is on desirable evening evenings such as Champions League.

This is a perfect place to watch sports. If you are in doubt if we show something special, you can always write to mail -, call 70 333 111 or ask in the bar when you arrive.



Opening hours - NIGHTCLUB

​Thursday (special events):

​23.00 - 04.00


​23.00 - 05.00


​23.00 - 05.00

opening hours - BAR / RESTAURANT


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00

Wednesday (DJ):

​11.00 - 03.00

Thursday (DJ):

11.00 - 04.00


11.00 - 05.00


11.00 - 05.00


11.00 - 02.00

Brunch / lunch is served from the bar monday to thursday between 11.00 - 17.00. 

The bar closes 30 min before closing time. 

The kitchen is open until 22.00. 


​Rosie McGee's

Vesterbrogade 2A, 1620 København V

​Phone: 70 333 111


CVR: 36 48 89 13

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