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​The home of drinking, DINING, dancing & good times


Regular customers (Friends of Rosie) receive preferential treatment.

Rosie McGee's policy is to ensure a proportionate number of men and women amongst our clientele and we expect our guests to be smartly dressed. For example, we will not accept unfashionable, old, worn out jeans, caps, unfashionable sports shoes and large, visible neck scarves, ect. Our security
staff have the right to refuse admission if they consider the guests dress code contrasts with Rosie McGee's image.

Security personnel reserve the right to refuse admission at the entrance to Rosie McGee's in conjunction with relevant laws, it is the security personnel's discretion to refuse entry if they consider the customer(s) able to cause trouble at a later time. Large parties can be refused entry if their behaviour is unsuitable and will in any way disturb Rosie's other guests.

Rosie McGee's securityreserve the right to refuse entry to anyone they consider to be under the influence of narcotics. If a guest is suspected to be under the influence of narcotics then he/she may be asked to take a drugs test. Refusal to take this test will result in refused entry.

Rosie McGee's should not be utilised as a "waiting room" and our guests are expected to purchase beverages throughout their stay. We reserve the right to eject guests who do not respect the aforementioned.

Immediate Consequences
A night on the town should be a positive and enjoyable experience and this is how it has always been at Rosie McGee's. This is how we would like to keep it and we have therefore introduced "Immediate Consequences".

Our priority is the safety of our guests and also our staff which means that threatening or insulting og guests or staff, violence or the threat of violence or other unreasonable behaviour will result in the person or persons being requested to leave with immediate effect. Misuse or tampering with the safety equipment / emergency exits, violence, vandalism or the use of narcotics will also result in
citizen's arrest and immediate police involvoment.

Opening hours - NIGHTCLUB

​Thursday (special events):

​23.00 - 04.00


​23.00 - 05.00


​23.00 - 05.00

opening hours - BAR / RESTAURANT


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00

Wednesday (DJ):

​11.00 - 03.00

Thursday (DJ):

11.00 - 04.00


11.00 - 05.00


11.00 - 05.00


11.00 - 02.00

Brunch / lunch is served from the bar monday to thursday between 11.00 - 17.00. 

The bar closes 30 min before closing time. 

The kitchen is open until 22.00. 


​Rosie McGee's

Vesterbrogade 2A, 1620 København V

​Phone: 70 333 111


CVR: 36 48 89 13

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