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​The home of drinking, Dining, dancing & good times

​Lily Mcgee's​ nightclub

Once upon a time a girl named Lily was born. She was the lovechild of Rosie McGee and the Charmer Charles from Chicago. The love between Rosie and Charles was great, but Rosie's desire for adventure and freedom was greater, and she left the otherwise festive Chicago.

This was the start of the adventure of the love child Lily McGee.

Lily traveled the world with Rosie and experienced everything from the gastronomic dining experiences in Mexico to the happy days and fun parties at the Irish pubs in Ireland.Lilly, however, had a need to figure out where in the world she came from, and this led her back to Chicago in the 50's. Here she found a city filled with music, joy and parties.

On her journey, Lilly was also inspired by the new, adventurous, fun and festive Pin-Up girls with their daring Burlesque twist, and the admirable seductive Marylin Monroe. The many adventures and impressions have finally inspired Lily to open her own nightclub, where she is sure the surroundings are perfect for creating the best parties in town!

Seductive surroundings, a spacious atmosphere and of course the best bar prices, according to Lily, is the perfect recipe for the best parties. Which is located in the heart of Copenhagen.

Fredag (Natklubben åben):

​22.00 - 05.00

Lørdag (Natklubben åben):

​22.00 - 06.00

​OBS: Lukketider kan være varierende efter antal besøgende gæster.

Vi gør opmærksom på, at baren lukker senest 30 min inden lukketid. Der udskænkes ikke alkohol til unge under 18 år.

Vurderer vores personale, at en gæst kan være til fare eller ulempe for sig selv og andre, forholder vi os retten til at nægte udskænkning.

​Events hos Rosie Mcgee's


Åbningstider - NATKLUB


​22.00 - 05.00


​22.00 - 06.00

Åbningstider - BAR / RESTAURANT


​11.00 - 02.00


​11.00 - 02.00

Onsdag (DJ):

11.00 - 03.00

Torsdag (DJ):

11.00 - 04.00

Fredag (DJ):

11.00 - 05.00

Lørdag (DJ):

10.00 - 06.00


10.00 - 02.00

Baren lukker ca. 30  minutter inden lukketid.

Køkkenet har åbent frem til kl. 22.00.


​Rosie McGee's

Vesterbrogade 2A, 1620 København V

​Telefon: 70 333 111


CVR: 36 48 89 13

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